Test Reports

Title:  Flow Characteristics

Author:   John C. Roberge, P.E.

Description:   Compares flow characteristics of rounded versus angular blade profiles under differing conditions of flow and trashrack bar spacing.

Summary:   HYDROTHANE bar rack assemblies provide significantly reduced losses when compared with conventional steel racks.

Title:   Testing of Hydrothane Systems Trashracks for Ontario Hydro Hydroelectric

Author:  Ontario Hydro Technologies

Description:  Tests conducted using Arrhenius methodology to verify suitability of trash rack material to survive 35 year usage.

Summary:  The material withstood the testing virtually without damage.

Title:   Teledyne Load Tests

Author:   Teledyne Engineering.

Description:   Mechanical load tests to determine design load capacity of plastic trashracks

Summary:   Provides designer with 9,000 psi flexural modulus to use in design load calculations.