About Us

Hydrothane Systems produces and markets the patented Hydrothane non-metallic trashrack.  Hydrothane is headquartered in Scituate, MA,  and has knowledgeable trained  sales representatives located throughout the USA and Canada to provide prompt personal attention to your water intake needs.


Oswego High Dam (1996)
City of Oswego, NY
25′ high x 120′ long
1″ bar spacing

Hydrothane was originally developed and patented in 1988 to address problems and deficiencies associated with conventional steel trashracks.   U.S. Patent #4846966 and Canadian Patent #1279683.


Since its inception, Hydrothane has been recognized for its superior resistance to frazil ice.  Simply stated, frazil ice does not easily attach to Hydrothane trashracks.   After routine installations in salt water and zebra mussel infested fresh water, it was discovered that the same properties that prevent frazil ice attachment also restrict the growth of marine organisms on the racks themselves, thus spawning another benefit to our customers.


Seymour G.S.,   Ontario Power Generation,
Ontario, Canada.
6 bays @ 9′ wide x 24′ high x 2″ clear blade spacing. Installed in 1994