Frazil Ice & Marine Growth


 Hydrothane is proven to eliminate frazil ice and to control the growth of marine organisms such as barnacles and zebra mussels.

The blades of Hydrothane racks are smooth, hard and non-porous.  The material itself is non-thermal conducting, non-corrosive and incorporates additional releasing agents.

The example above shows a typical hydroelectric installation in Sweden.  Notice the heavy presence of frazil ice in the water.  Hydrothane’s success in preventing ice accumulation has kept many plants open in winter and allowed many plant operators a restful night of sleep.

Originally developed as a solution to frozen steel trashracks, our customers noticed a second benefit when presented with zebra mussel infestation or in the case of salt water installations, barnacle growth.   The incidence of growth on the racks was significantly reduced and the need for periodic cleaning of the racks by divers was cut substantially.    Our customers reported the action of just a trashrake often is enough to wipe any growth off the racks.

The reason for this is found in the surface characteristics and material properties.  The silicon acts as a releasing agent while the smooth, non-porous surface does not provide a hospitable surface for bonding.

As a result of these experiences, Hydrothane has been installed in salt  and zebra mussel infested water intakes across the USA with satisfactory results.

“We are pleased
to inform you …
Hydrothane racks
have eliminated
frazil icing
problems and
have proven to
be resistant
to zebra mussels”

Upstate NY Utility