General Construction

dolgeville_assembly All Hydrothane Trashracks consist of four (4) basic components.
Assembly is simple,fast and the low weight of the racks shows up in lower installation costs.

Vertical Blades:

Composed of high tensile, high load bearing, abrasion resistant virgin polymers (Extra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) with added releasing agents.   Hydrothane’s employs a unique profile molding process to assure material consistency and quality throughout.

Horizontal Tie Rods:

Produced from ultra high strength protruded fiberglass rod.   Our rods allow the rack to flex with high loads yet return to the original form after the load is released. Rods are 1-1/4″ (32 mm) with a smooth un-machined mid section and threaded ends.

Blade Spacers:

Protruded EHMW Polyethylene tubes cut to the customers specifications for blade clearance.

End Nuts:

Injection molded nylon with a tapered internal thread.   The end nuts will self-tighten as they are screwed in place.  Once in water the end nuts will absorb a small amount of water to expand and lock into place on to the tie rod.  No need for additional set pins or other positive means of fixation.


As with any water intake installation, adequate horizontal support beams must be present or the racks can be mounted to a frame and slid into place.   Hydrothane design engineers will advise you on specifics of support structure.    The racks are bolted to the supporting structure using U-Bolts, welded plate or other means of positive fixation.

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